Security and Confidentiality


The security on this web site meets industry best standards and all information entered when you register is hidden from unauthorised people.

Alan Upritchard is the only authorised person. For more information contact Alan at



The reunion committee - Sue Colyer, Alan Upritchard, Lois Bolton, Graeme Upritchard, Evan Upritchard - will not use your email address for any purpose other than to contact you regarding Reunion matters.

If anyone asks for information on how to contact you, we will send you their name and contact details and ask you to get in touch with them. This includes parents, mothers-in-law and long lost relatives hoping for a share of granny’s estate.

When you register, some of the information requested is to help the Upritchard Family Tree group - Alan Upritchard, Ken Upritchard and Joy Willis - fit you correctly into the Family Tree.

Information to be included in the Family Tree is :

Line of Descent, Surname, First Name(s), Date of Birth

and - if relevant and if available :

Date of Marriage, Maiden Name, Date of Death, Age at Death, Location of Grave.

No contact information will be included in the family tree.

For more information on confidentiality contact Alan Upritchard at