List of People Registered

. . . . . . . . . . . . Total = 95
Anderson      Leonie
Anderson      Betty
Anderson      David
Barker           Frances and Roland
Barker           Henry
Beckett          Mary and Roger
Benbrook       Muriel
Biddington     Linda
Boulton         Lois and Joe
Burnett         Clare and Tony
Byrne           Penny
Colyer          Sue and Nelson
Elliot             Mike and Mary Buckland
Fox              Jenny and Colin, Australia
Harnett         Sandi
Hay               Lynda and John
Harrowfield  Helen
Jessen         Jessie
Jessen         Lance
Jessen         Vanya
Masters        Robyn
McClintock    Lorna
McClintock    Jim and Irene
Milliken          Maurice and Helen
Mora             Irene
O'Brien         Michael
Parsons       Helen
Plumridge     David and Helen Osborne
Plumridge     Kevin and Margaret
Ratcliff          Ron and Mary
Restall          Mervyn and Margaret
Sampson      Rosalie and Peter
Scott             Robin
Scott             Derek and Thea
Scott             Eric and Barbara
Sidey           Jan
Sloss            Donald
Sloss            Robert
Smith            Alison
Smith            Betty
Smith            Rex
Stewart        Beverly
Stewart        Leanne
Stewart        Lois
Stewart        Moira
Stewart        Robert
Upritchard    Alan and Sue
Upritchard    Andrew and Irmgaard Van Schouten
Upritchard    Aroha
Upritchard    Evan and Janet
Upritchard    Geoff and Gail, Brisbane, Australia
Upritchard    Graeme and Christine
Upritchard    Gwyn and Angela
Upritchard    Hamish and Jenine
Upritchard    Helena, Brisbane, Australia
Upritchard    Jim
Upritchard    Jane and Marc DeLuca, USA
Upritchard    John
Upritchard    Ken
Upritchard    Lucy, Australia
Upritchard    Peter, Brisbane, Australia
Upritchard    Robert and Kristie Agnew
Whall            Nita
Willis            Joy and Ray
Wright          Colin and Elizabeth
Wright          Donald and Wendy